Achieve higher efficiency of production processes with our advanced automation solutions.


Improve productivity and material flow with the automation of overhead cranes.


Production and installation of suitable equipment and guidance systems enable the processes to become completely managed and controlled.

INAP’s complete and modern technical solutions assure you a competitive advantage in the field of industrial automation, i.e. process automation, machine automation, device automation and production line automation. Our projects contain solutions which guarantee the production and installation of suitable equipment and components, as well as management systems which allow the technical process to be appropriately monitored, guided and integrated.

We offer our customers services for the entire life cycle of their technological systems:

– conceptual studies,

– project and technical documentation,

– carrying out engineering of automation of technologic processes, production lines and machines,

– delivery and installation of equipment,

– parametrizing and start-up with the optimization of the system,

– integration of the production into the information system,

– complete support with maintenance and system updates.