Important references from the industrial field

  • Modernization of the control and power management equipment of the rewinding line with modern 600A DCM regulators
  • Modernization of the boiler room control system of technological steam in the production of gaskets
  • Construction of a manipulator for mounting soldering templates on the glass of solar panels
  • Control of pipe spreader machine
  • Control of lense sprue cutting tool
  •  Implementation of the control for the operation of a sheet metal hole detector
  • Supervision/control of 2000 HP drive motors and machine room of the roller system framework
  • Programming the supervision system (SCADA) on the bulk cargo terminal – Port of Ploče

  • Upgrade of the signal system in the steel-making process: Installation of optical sensors for detecting openness of valves and radar level sensors for measurements in harsh environments because of the presence of strong acids
  • Manipulation system for connecting the rotor and stator of an (In-Wheel) electric motor for electric cars
  • Customization of the control system of a toughness test hammer – mechanical laboratory
  • Replacement of a thyristor rectifier on the drive of adding cylinder with a new DC drive
  • Supervision system of an overhead crane MD160-63t
  • Visualization and laser measurements of grinding machines
  • Programming automatic operation and supervision system of an overhead crane 32/5t
  • Performing computer guidance of an overhead crane with vacuum grippers
  • Programming a machine for manufacturing VV high voltage fuses
  • Programming of operation and supervision system for the transport of coal
  • Performing a computer supervision system of a transshipment station for coal
  • Programming and start of transshipment station for waste
  • Programming the operation and supervision system of pumping stations
  • Programming the operation and supervision system of shaking the electro filter
  • Computer supervision system of medium voltage switchgear 6kV and 35 kV
  • Remote control of rotary excavators KRB09 and KRB10 on the coal landfill.

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